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Clinical Resources

Windsor Health PlanSM is dedicated to providing our health care providers with clinical practice resources to ensure our members receive the quality care they deserve.  

Educational Material 

Windsor Health Plan provides many resources to simplify the relationship between health care providers and the insurance company. Detailed information about each of the plans allows providers to become familiar with our company and the products we market. Contact information and has been included to facilitate communication. Claims requirements and other instructional documentation have been included to simplify business transactions.

Evidence of Coverage, Summary of BenefitsTerms and Conditions

Windsor Health Plan offers a range of Medicare plans to allow Medicare beneficiaries the ability to find a plan that best meets their unique needs, including Medicare Advantage and Medicare Prescription Drug plans. We encourage you to check updated Evidence of Coverage, Summary of Benefits and Terms and Conditions documents for plan year 2013 as some of our plans have combined and grown. New plan names and many benefit enhancements have been made.

If you have any questions, our Provider Help Desk staff is available to assist you at 1-866-270-5223, 7 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. Central time Monday to Friday.


Various forms are available to help facilitate the process of submitting information to the plan. The forms are available to download or print.


Get the latest information for providers in our network.


Get more information on Windsor Rx (PDP), Pharmacy Coverage Determination Guidelines and Form, Drug Archives, Formularies and more.

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To search for a provider or facility in one of our Provider Networks, visit the Provider/Facility Search page and select the appropriate network to launch the search tool.

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